Long Term Memory

Often people with dyslexia have an excellent long term memory.

To remember something like a phone number, or how to spell a word, you need to transfer it to your long term memory. The best way to do that is through spaced repetition.

That is, try to recall a fact with longer and longer gaps between testing. For example, spell a word several times now. Then again in one hour. Then again in four hours. Then the next day. Then in three days. Then in a week. Etc.

Spelling Tutor is an excellent learn to spell program, specifically written for children with dyslexia. It uses spaced repetition to help your child remember how to spell words.

Only practising spelling words for one week is not long enough to transfer them to your long term memory.

Spelling Tutor

Working Memory

Working memory is the short term memory you use while completing a task.

E.g. If a teacher tells the class "Put your maths book away, get your English book from the shelf and your pencil case from your tray", your child needs to hold those three instructions in their working memory.

Poor working memory is a problem for most people with dyslexia.

Omega 3

If you want to help working memory, the place to start is to take a high quality Omega supplement daily.

60% of your brain is made up of fat, and roughly 20% of that should be Omega 3. Boys have a 3 times higher need for essential fatty acids than do girls (because estrogen is a fatty carrier whereas testosterone is not).

If you're lacking in Omega 3, and almost all children in the UK and the US are, then your brain does not work as well as it could.

The next most important supplements to take to improve cognitive function are Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B

Neurodevelopment Programs

Neurodevelopment programs improve the brain, and are the most effective thing you can do to help working memory problems.

We recommend Tinsley House Clinic or something similar.

Brain Training Programs

Another thing which has been proven to help is brain training games. We recommend Lumosity or something similar.

Or you can do manual activities as recommended in these books:

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